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What is a Pregnancy Pillow, what does it do and how does it help?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

What is a Pregnancy Pillow?

A pregnancy pillow is an elongated or special shaped pillow used to support the body, especially during sleep.

These body pillows come in different sizes and shapes, and they can be placed between the legs to support and better align the spine.

They're very comfortable and can make sleep much more enjoyable.

What does a Pregnancy Pillow do?

Pregnancy pillows or Maternity pillows are designed to support the changing body of a pregnant woman during her pregnancy, offering support for various safe sleeping positions.

Pregnancy pillows can also be used for someone that is recovering from surgery, or someone that is disable and unable to move.

The pillow can be a great help in keeping the person in position, and it can be a great help for a caregiver to manage moving or positioning the patient.

Truthfully, anyone can reap the benefits of using a pregnancy pillow, whether is for relief or comfort.

How does a Pregnancy Pillow help?

Compared to a standard pillow, Pregnancy pillows used to support the abdomen, while lying on one side, or used to support the back helps prevent or alleviate back aches and backache.

It can help alleviate insomnia by providing comfort, especially during late pregnancy.

It can help prevent acid reflux by keeping you elevated.

Not to mention pregnancy pillows are a great way to feel comfortable and kickback to watch tv, read, cuddle up, or even help breast feed by helping you keep the baby positioned.

U-shaped and C-shaped pregnancy pillows are big enough that you can fold, and bend into whatever position you need.

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