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Is a Pregnancy Pillow useful or worth it, and are there health benefits to using one?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

Pregnancy pillows offer a solution to pregnancy discomforts.

They help keep you in position through out the night, support your back, knees, or belly.

They help you elevate your upper body or legs, and can do wonders for your comfort and the quality of your sleep.

For these reasons I would say a good quality pregnancy pillow can be very useful.

Also, the health benefits of using a pregnancy pillow can make it worth it.

Some of these health benefits are:

  • Better blood circulation, when used to keep you in the left side with legs bent sleeping position. This position is thought to protect the liver and increase blood flow to the heart, fetus, uterus and kidneys. (For these reasons this position is most recommended by most doctors.)

  • Reduction of heartburn symptoms by raising the upper body.

  • Help reduce leg swelling and pain when used to elevate the legs

  • Provides additional back support when used to cradle the body

  • Prevents body aches, such as on your hips, by generating the right amount of comfort

  • Helps promote longer sleeping and resting hours by providing comfort

As you can see there are several health benefits to using a pregnancy pillow.

You just need to find the right pillow for you and experiment with the different ways they can be used.

With a little imagination they can be very useful and worth it, along with the advice from your doctor.

I would go as far as to say that pregnancy pillows are a must for optimal comfort while you are pregnant.

I would recommend this type of pillows for anyone that wants to improve their sleep, or anyone needing the support for health reasons.

Why Trust PregnancyPillows101?

PregnancyPillows101 has expertise in reviewing these types of products. We understand from personal and research experience that pregnancy can be tough on the body, and a good pregnancy pillow can help manage back pain. We have conducted extensive research to pick the best pregnancy pillows for back pain management. Before shortlisting the products, we considered parameters like quality, comfort, size, and other related factors.

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