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How are Pregnancy Pillows Good for Back Pain, and Why Even People That are not Pregnant Can Benefit?

Updated: Sep 11, 2022

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Pregnancy is often not easy. It comes with its own joys and pains. It is often a difficult time to be comfortable and fall asleep, especially when back pain is involved!

As the baby grows, you might experience a lot of pain, especially on your back. The pregnancy pillows can be extremely beneficial during this time.

A maternity, or pregnancy pillow is a specially designed, long body pillow that supports the entire body during pregnancy.

These pillows offer support to pregnant women trying to find comfortable sleeping positions that accommodate their growing bellies.

And yes, these xl pregnancy pillows help reduce back pain of pregnancy to a large extent.

You need the best pregnancy pillows to alleviate this pain and stay comfortable throughout your pregnancy journey.

Diagnosing back pain during pregnancy

Approximately one-third of women experience severe back pain during pregnancy. It is thought to be due to the spine and ligaments getting lax in preparation for the growth of the baby and birth.

As your body prepares for labor, the ligaments in your body naturally become softer and stretch. This can put a strain on the joints of your lower back and pelvis which leads to common complaints of back pain during the early stages of pregnancy and beyond.

While it is common, it is also quite painful and there are different ways to alleviate this pain. Pregnancy pillows help you fall asleep in a much comfortable way and helps in relieving aches and pains.

It is important to consult your doctor in order to determine what exactly is causing the pain and how to treat it.

Diagnosis of back pain during pregnancy is done through reviewing the patient’s medical history, conducting a physical examination and possibly magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to rule out a herniated disk.

How to reduce back pain during pregnancy

After the appropriate diagnosis, patients may be advised to follow a few conservative techniques that could ease their back pain. The measures include:

  • Focusing on maintaining a good posture when seated or standing.

  • Avoiding standing for long periods.

  • Squatting while picking up things instead of bending at the waist.

  • Avoiding lifting heavy things.

  • Wearing comfortable shoes that offer support.

  • Sleeping on the side and not at the back, with pillows tucked beneath the abdomen and between the knees for gentle support.

  • Practicing pregnancy-safe exercises designed to strengthen and support the abdomen and back.

  • Getting massages and Stretching

  • As the abdomen grows, wearing a supportive garment or belt helps take some of the pressure off from the back.

  • Reaching out to physical therapists or trained chiropractors who specialize in pregnancy-related care and learn more about how an adjustment can help relieve back pain.

  • When seated, elevating the feet and making sure the chair offers good back support.

  • Getting plenty of rest.

Can People that are not Pregnant Benefit from using a Pregnancy Pillow?

If you suffer from chronic back pain and are a side sleeper, that could be exacerbating the problem.

It’s important to keep your neck, back, and hips aligned in a way that supports the natural curves in your spine even when you’re sleeping. Not doing this, and sleeping without adequate support, can lead to worsen back pain.

Experts often recommend placing a regular pillow between your legs, massages, stretches, or using heating pads to help with this, but many times that just isn’t enough.

Turns out pregnancy pillows can also be great for the nonpregnant people just trying to find comfortable sleeping positions that don’t put pressure on our spines.

These pillows are a blessing for back pain management. They will allow you to fall asleep easily and help in relieving aches and pains.

People with back pain no longer have to toss and turn to accommodate the back pain, waking up achy less often.

There are different kinds of such pillows available, and they come in various shapes, different features, sizes, materials, and colors.

Maternity Pillows or Pregnancy Pillows can be bought online or at a nearby store.

If you are confused about making the right choice, don’t worry! We have created a special list of the 10 best pregnancy pillows for back pain for you.

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Pillow for Back Pain?

For those who haven’t seen one, the standard maternity pillow is body-size and made for snuggling. The most common shapes are U-shaped or C-shaped.

Consider the shape, size, and material before choosing the best pregnancy pillow for you.

Type – The two most popular choices are the U-shaped or a C-shaped pregnancy pillow. However there are other shapes and even some with detachable parts. Both the U-Shaped and C-Shaped pillows have their pros and cons. The U-Shaped surrounds you offering all around support, and takes up more room. The C-Shaped can offer support but it is less restrictive.

Size - Maternity pillows come in different sizes and you can make the decision based on your requirements. The size of your bed, and whether your partner minds sharing more space can play a big part in your choice. C-Shaped pillows are slightly smaller than a U-Shaped pillow but are more easily manipulated into different positions. Pick the one that fits your body the best to give you as much support and comfort as possible.

Material - Different pillows are stuffed with different types of materials, such as polyester, shredded foam, or even feathers. The outside cover can also be polyester, or even velvet. You can decide the perfect pillow for yourself based on the type of material you prefer using.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q – Which is better, a C-Shaped or U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow?

A – Both types have their own features and advantages. A U-shaped pillow will provide more support for your front and back while taking up a lot of space on your bed from being bulkier. Meanwhile, a C-shaped pillow might take up less space on your bed but might also not provide as much full body support as you might need. However, the C-Shaped pillow is more manageable and flexible.

Q – How can a pillow help with backpain during pregnancy?

A – Finding a comfortable sleeping position while pregnant can be really tough. Pregnancy pillows offer that much needed support for your back, belly, and body. They also keep you cozier.

Q – What position should I sleep in during pregnancy? Is it ok to sleep on your back while pregnant?

A – It is recommended to sleep on your left side rather than on your back when you are pregnant. It improves circulation, giving nutrient-packed blood an easier route from your heart to the placenta to nourish your baby. Lying on the left side also keeps your expanding body weight from pushing down too hard on your liver. While either side is okay, the left side is best, according to studies.

Q – What can you do with a pregnancy pillow after pregnancy?

A – A pregnancy pillow is great for even those who are not pregnant. It is great for providing support and comfort to help you get a good night’s sleep. You can also use it for support while breast feeding.

10 Best Pregnancy Pillows for Back Pain in 2022 - Check them out on Amazon

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